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Creating excellent business projects

Posted on 5th June 2011

Business related projects can provide an excellent medium for the transference of skills into the workplace. They work particularly well for leadership programmes as we believe creating change/challenging the status quo is central to the leadership concept.

Business projects also extend the life of your development programme and provide a potential platform for outcomes to be shared at the highest levels.

Over the years we’ve seen many projects, some delivering millions in cost savings, others helping to shape the culture of business and also some that just didn’t get off the ground

We believe the keys to success are:

  • Spend time discussing team principles right at the start
  • Clear goals
  • Time span of 6 months to allow for research and delivery
  • Small in number, 4-8  works very well
  • Good communications, ensure groups are geographically near, and have access to email and phone access
  • Real support from business; HR must help were needed, allocate a senior  sponsor, present at board level.
  • Allow groups to own and develop the concept themselves, don’t just give them something that they might not buy into.