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In today's frenetic and rapidly changing world we create the space for conversations that lead to change.

Re-Think is a cutting edge practitioner of experiential and adventure based learning.

We choose to work in inspirational settings which naturally draw out human creativity and inspiration.

By a combination of innovative design, contemporary leadership theory and coaching we develop powerful adventure experiences that provide vivid lifelong learning.

Our approach redefines outdoor experiential learning. We have taken what we believe to be the most powerful learning methodology and overlaid a modern approach delivered by world class leadership trainers.

In our experience, people develop and are at their most creative when they feel safe and supported. We create the right environment where people can stretch themselves and develop their leadership confidence. From a safe base we challenge in rapport to enable people to realise their full potential regardless of starting point.

Our mission is to deliver outstanding development experiences; remembered as the most vivid, powerful and worthwhile programmes ever attended.

We specialise in leadership development at all levels, building high performing teams and fast-track development.

All our programmes are bespoke, tailored around your needs and objectives - we do not have an "off the shelf" option. As a niche provider, you will find us surprisingly cost effective due to our learn structure.

  • Journey programmes

  • Adventure Based Programmes for Business

  • Inspirational Business Speakers

  • Graduate Development Programme

  • Team Development Programmes

  • Outstanding Leadership Development

"Society seems intent on conditioning us to lives of conservatism and security, on presenting risk as an unhealthy concept. And yet there is nothing more damaging to the human spirit than a life wrapped in cotton wool, a life of contrived safety and conformity."
Mark Jones

"Never have I had the privilege of working with someone that has been able to understand, digest and articulate a vision so personally, transformationally and so impactful.
Your character, humility, intelligence and energy has challenged me and most of the Sal alumni forever... may your impact ripple on long into our future."

Thank you, Scott

Leadership Development

The art of leadership gives meaning, purpose and direction to organisations. Leadership unites people in the same direction, stands up for what is right and needs to be said. It is leadership that drives changes and creates organisations worth working for.

In an increasingly frenetic world, Re-Think provides space for people to clarify their beliefs around leadership, how they want to act, and what they want to create around them.

We see Leadership existing in two forms: Strategic and Responsive, and assist participants to understand and deliver in both areas.

Re-Think provides space in an increasingly frenetic world, to allow people to clarify their leadership thinking, how they want to act, and what they want to create around them.

Central to all our leadership programmes is expert one to one coaching support and personal feedback regarding key development areas.

Re-Think trainers have experience of delivering leadership development programmes from first line manager through to board level and within international business schools.

Participants re-enter their organisations with a clarity of goals and actions, also constantly asking the question "right now, what do I need to do to provide leadership?"

Graduate Development

Re-Think is a leading practitioner and has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering graduate development programmes.

We have worked with over 20 blue-chip organisations across the following sectors:

  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Engineering/Built Environment
  • Automotive manufacture and distribution
  • Utilities

Our programmes are dynamic, challenging, high in energy and set high professional standards for graduates making the transition from university into industry.

Want to work with the best?
We can't wait to help you get started.

  • Orientation Programmes
  • Coaching Programmes
  • Personal Development and Influencing Programmes
  • Leadership Within a Graduate Context Programmes
  • Understanding Business Programmes
  • Powering Forwards

Graduate Development - Re-Think Training

Developing Teams

We have a wealth of experience in raising performance in teams at every organisational level.

High performing teams outperform individual working groups every time. That said, high performing teams don't just happen. We work with teams to explore their current situation, develop a common purpose and clear steps towards achieving their goals.

Teams are developed by providing stretching, yet achievable challenges. In a short period of time we develop a sense of trust and self-belief as teams prove their ability via experiential projects. This results in a 'If we can do that, we can achieve anything!' mindset reinforced with an understanding of team dynamics.

The Team Performance Model provides the key domains of performance. This online questionnaire allows team members to anonymously rank their team and explore what they need to do to be more effective.

Team Performance Model

Inspirational Locations

We believe the right blend of inspirational location and skillfully crafted programme creates a unforgettable development experience.

Re-Think is based in the stunning Lake District recognised as a Enesco world heritage site for its culture, arts and landscape. The Lakes is just one hour from Manchester and 3 hours from central London by train.

Knowing the Lakes as well as we do, this is our first choice for providing an outstanding programme. We also regularly run programmes from our favourite locations in the Cotswolds and New Forest.

Location is important to us and we feel has a huge impact on the overall quality of the programme. We work hard to choose special places with a sense of ambiance. Places that allow participants to relax, enjoy their learning and lead to great developmental conversations.

Inspirational Locations - Re-Think Training

"The tutors have a fantastic ability to get people talking, promote discussion and allow people to learn through realisation"

Course participant

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