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Put your passion to work.

We understand the time and resources that goes into recruitment and development. We help graduates transition into your business, quickly add value and with the retention of your future talent.

Crucially, well designed experiential programmes provide context and accelerated breadth of experience to base our future actions on.

Re-Think graduate programmes are tailor-made to be dynamic, engaging and relevant. We work hard to understand your business context, then design unique experiential programmes which allow your graduates to explore their context and how to do be most effective now and in their future roles.

We explore success mindsets, provide feedback, coaching, contemporary supporting models that supports leadership at this level (and yes, you can lead at any level). Our aim is move your new talent further, faster and allow them to be more effective without ruffling too many feathers on their journey!

We’ve been in it for a long time. Re-Think has shared its expertise multiple times for the former Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) Annual Conference, (now the ISE) and gone on to deliver graduate development workshops nationally.

Want to work with the best?
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  • Orientation Programmes
  • Coaching Programmes
  • Personal Development and Influencing Programmes
  • Leadership Within a Graduate Context Programmes
  • Understanding Business Programmes
  • Powering Forwards

Graduate Development - Re-Think Training

Client quote:

“Re-Think designed and delivered Skanska’s graduate development programme, and led the programme over a 6-year period. The programme had an annual intake of up to 100 participants, which was delivered in cohorts of 20 graduates. Howard delivered every module and set up a process of continuous improvement. The programme dramatically increased both retention rates and satisfaction levels and served to raise the profiles of graduates within the business.”
Sally Taylor, Skanska