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Moores Law’ is still firmly holding true, an on-going doubling of computing power every 12 months. With this incredible expansion the technology industry is one of the most rapidly changing sectors on earth.

These exciting developments have the potential to provide solutions to some of our most pressing challenges: climate change, food supply, security and medical issues. According to a recent OECD report good interpersonal and team working skills, often beyond traditional training in the sector, lie at the heart of driving innovation.

The technology sector is under pressure in many areas. Organisations are struggling to maintain margin, employees need to deliver at pace in a highly demanding field and unrelenting change requires resilience and effective team working.

Leaders need to inspire, managers draw out the best in people while working under tight deadlines and teams need to work effectively. All this does not just happen. Re-Think are experts to creating projects and conversation that helps accelerate the process to performance, creating both high performing teams and great places to work.

A unique facet of this sector is a low median age. Re-Think are experts in helping new entrants and graduates develop essential team skills, understand expectations and work effectively within a fast-paced environment.

Google has recently found that the single most important factor to team performance is psychological safety. Our programmes provide innovative challenges that demand groups work together to support each other in outdoor challenges. We provide stretching experiences that allow groups to see what they are capable of when they work to their true potential. We create the ambience for great conversations that which provide meaning, understanding and a sense of purpose that leads to change.

Take a look at the OECD Science Technology and Industry outlook report 2014, for more information about the technology sector.